The beginning of this adventure

Global Communication
Since long time ago, the team of 3MINDWARE wanted to create this blog. Always that arose new projects for our clients; one of their most requested orders for your platform of digital marketing is the creation of your blog, whether corporate or personal. And of course with a custom design in keeping with its identity.

Then it returned to resurface with force the idea of creating our blog. But we left to one side for reasons of time.
Well, it was time to take action. Today we announced the creation of our blog that we have finally finished their design. With this writing of presentation we began our adventure into the world of the blogosphere. Here we will comment about multiple topics related to technology, computers, graphic design, web design, web sites, social networking market, digital marketing, etc.

Will be a pleasure to share with you our criteria, comments, notes, and images.We thank our customers and friends the support that they have given us in the different projects.
Thank you all.

Welcome to our blog!

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